Monopoly pub crawl IV

On October the 30th I attended my fourth Monopoly board pub crawl, where a bunch of drunken (usually Aussies) visit 26 pubs scattered around the London version of the original Atlantic City board (Yes, would you believe it, London came later on).

It’s one of these things I just love about London. No matter how many times I do it, I just don’t get sick of it. My favourite part comes at about 11PM when we’re all staggering down Carnaby street completely hammered, it looks amazing at night and in my opinion it’s even more amazing when intoxicated!

It’s basically the same drill every time, turn up at Elephant & Castle around 10AM and head off. Being with Aussies there is only one choice of drink: Fosters; that’s probably a good thing though as although it’s hard to drink, it’s the least alcoholic. It’s mandatory to have a drink at each and every pub but honestly: I rarely manage this. Usually by about 4-5PM I’m so full of bubbles from the countless pints of Aussie crap beer that I have to skip a pub or two.

The real challenge in the Monopoly pub crawl is actually finishing it. I’ve only truthfully finished it once. The first time I was too hammered and had to retreat around 10PM. The second time: Ditto. The third time: I made it to the last pub but it had just closed. Damn. We ended up going to a club nearby which was a bit disappointing.

Only on the fourth and most recent attempt did I finally finish the damn thing. Yay. Although things did get a little frantic approaching the last pub — Myself and two people I was with had lost the rest of the crew. We were stuffed. One with a smartphone (and the only with the leaders phone number) had the usual 11PM flat battery and of course was only chance of contacting the rest of the group. Eventually after half an hour of wandering around we came across another member, also lost, who had actually had some battery and useful phone numbers enabling us to contact the rest of the group. We got there. Phew. We almost gave up.

I hope to do another one next year!

Matt finally starts a blog

Anyone who knows me well will also know that I’m not big on expressing myself or the details of my life, yet, here we are. So what’s the blog all about then? Well, basically, there isn’t going to be much posted on here, I can say that with much certainty now.

What you will see on here is vague summaries of my travels plus a few photos, maybe the odd  thought, that’s probably about it. At this stage I plan to keep this blog relatively low-key, perhaps with only a small number of people aware of its existance.