I booked a 9-day tour for Turkey ending with a night at the ANZAC Cove for the dawn service. I’m not going to write a whole lot about Turkey as it was generally a fairly pleasant relaxing trip with not many highs or lows. Being on a tour is great. They take you everywhere, warn of the scammers, and tell you everything you need to know. My tour group consisted of 8 guys and 27 girls.

Prior to arriving in Turkey I had imagined it as a largely dysfunctional country but this belief began to fade after only being there for a handful of hours. Clearly this country was a big step up from Romania.

My well known obscure observation skills were working overtime in Turkey. As a colloquial mention – there were four sights I saw repeated over and over and over again:

  • EFES: Turkeys main beer. This stuff is for sale everywhere its logo is reproduced literally millions of times. Every bar, hotel, supermarket or anyone selling anything worth buying had this logo outside their store. Wow. You cannot drive or walk more than 100 meters without seeing an EFES logo. That’s branding success!
  • Turkish Flags: There are one hell of a lot of Turkish flags in Turkey. More than there are American flags in America. Think about that!
  • Solar water heaters: It seems that basically every home in Turkey has one of these on the roof. Good on them! This actually makes them a pretty environmentally friendly country! The more densely packed neighborhoods literally sport many thousands rooftop of solar water heaters. There were so many of these things that some of the girls on the bus were actually starting to notice them.
  • Satellite dishes: Some larger apartment blocks have hundreds of satellite dishes plastered all over their roofs! Of course we’ve all seen this kind of thing before but Turkey is extra special. Possibly first prize for largest number of satellite dishes per capita on the planet!

Anyway back to the things people actually care about. I enjoyed Istanbul, specifically the Grand Baazar markets, Ayasofya and Blue mosc were some of the most extraordinary sights I’ve seen on my travels to date.

In Turkey I had my first experience of truly ancient ruins. This consisted of visits to four ancient sights: Aphrodisias, Ephesus, Pergamon and Troy. Before visiting these sights I thought I’d be a bit bored there as the tour leader kept emphasising that there wouldn’t be much to see (I guess that’s probably they assume that the average TopDeck customer is more interested in partying than ancient ruins?!). I found it interesting, at least.

I’m not sure I’d write much more about Turkey. The trip largely went perfectly and I find it a lot harder to motivate myself to write about things that didn’t cause distress!