A few friends and I recent went on a weekend trip to Luxembourg. Luxembourg is one of those countries I had to visit to be fully aware of, I mean, I knew it existed before I went but that was about it. Bordered between France and Germany it is a tiny country (Smaller than London) which is the only Grand Duchy left in the world (That means that it’s ruled by a Duke instead of a King).

Upon arrival, I felt like I was in France again. I found myself frantically looking around for something to distinguish it from France. Perhaps in the end, the only key differences I could find were that perhaps 30% of spoken language was German, and the people were less– *ahem* aloof. I’m not particularly good at spotting these things. It is a very wealthy country so naturally were unable to find ugliness *anywhere*.

On the second day we went to visit the small village of Vainden (Pictured above). The primary reason for our visit was Vainden Castle (more information here) however I personally found the village its self more interesting as I’ve seen one heck of a lot of castles and they’re starting to all blur into one.

Vainden was a staggeringly beautiful place despite the rubbish weather. It goes on my list of places “I’d like to spend a few days in, but sadly never will”.