Off to London City Airport

What? I hear you say. You’re excited about going an airport?!

In short, sort of. London has 5 airports in total: 2 premium airline airports: Heathrow, London City and 3 budget airline airports: Gatwick, Stansted and Luton. Every frequently travelling Kiwi in London has most certainly done at least 4 of those airports to death, almost always with the exception of London City. The few that have been there rave about it. Every time I book travel I just can’t ever seem to get a flight out of there, and if there is one, it’s always outrageously expensive.

The key problem is that it’s setup for bankers travelling to financial centres such as Frankfurt, Zurich etc who more-often-than-not aren’t short of the needed cash to use this very central terminal.

Damnit. Enough with this. I’m going to use that airport even if it bankrupts me in the process. Tonight I’m flying out to Luxembourg on a silly little turboprop plane with a set of tickets that were actually reasonably priced. Woohoo: All 5 airports down.

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