On the 12th of November I flew out to Budapest for 2 days. This was to be my first time in Eastern Europe. Except it wasn’t very eastern, rather more western actually. We found ourselves in what I did not realise was a former Soviet state, with few obvious signs of this communist past. Today they have all of the western like stuff there: Modern cars, McDonalds every few hundred meters, Tesco but no KFC (What’s that all about?)

The City is divided into two parts: Buda, and Pest. Buda on the west of the River Danube, and Pest on the East. Buda is a nice touristy area with a big palace and lots of other cool looking stuff, but me being me, I found other things more interesting:

What are these wooden troughs all over the place? Heaps of buildings have these erected at their base. Well it turns out they’re for catching bits and pieces that fall off the buildings. What an eyesore! Yes sir, I have visited my first Non-stinking-rich country (where everything in the inner city is usually perfect and immaculate).

Because we were only there 2 days we didn’t see an awful lot. On the first day we went on a “Free” Walking tour. Well if by “Free” you mean “Not free” then yes, it was free. I’m used to doing walking tours where donations are appreciated at the end but this mob practically has us in cuffs until we’d paid up. This did leave a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth if nothing else. Still, We got to see places and were told the stories, even if a little fleeced afterwards.

On the second day we visited the House of Terror which despite having a slightly misleading name (Well in my opinion it does) was a Soviet history Museum. We finished the weekend with a visit to the Turkish Baths (Left behind after that pesky Turkish occupation) which unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of as it was an absolutely spectacular place!