DS28E17 Breakout Boards

Recently I added a post describing how to build a 1-wire bus ambient light sensor with the VEML7700 and DS28E17.

I also have a few other jobs for the DS28E17 so have designed another generic breakout board PCB allowing it to be used for any I2C slave. There are other ready made breakout boards out there, however I was specifically wanting one which would allow me to actually use the darn thing.

The longer board features a 5V I2C output. The shorter one is 3.3V. Both have an input bus voltage of 5V.

There are two versions of the board:

  • 5V 1-wire bus input, 5V I2C output
  • 5V 1-wire bus input, 3.3V I2C output

Building on the demo from the previous article, I’ve added some extra code to test these boards with an MCP9808 temperature sensor along with a DS18B20 and VEML7700 which was demonstrated previously. A bit of a silly use-case however demonstrating what I’m doing with these: Connecting a wide range of sensors and actuators to a single 1-wire bus network.

The Adafruit MCP9808 breakout board is used for the demonstration.

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