LCD Controllers

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  1. Hi Matt,
    Do you know how ROVATools compares functionally and in basic code structure to RTDTool which is for the RTD2556 chip? I have a USB based programmer board for the RTD2556 and the file set, RealtekTool_V3.6_Beta3. Unfortunately, none of this came with any programming information so I have no idea how to use it. I’m interested in loading a custom opening screen when my video board is turned on and I understand this program can accomplish that. Also, I have instructions on how to load the code into the RTD2556 chip.
    Do you know if the documentation you have for ROVATools would be applicable for the chip and programmer I have?

    1. Hi Ken

      I don’t know to hand. It probably isnt compatible with what I’ve done. Most of the work I did on this project dates back to 2011 and its quite unlikely that I’ll be doing a major revisit like adding a new controller type.

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