2704 / 2708 / MCM6876x Programmer Shield Version 1 (old)

This page is for historical reference only. Information about the current version can be found here. This post contains a list of changes from the original. This design remains supported by the current firmware and host software however I do not recommend building it.

Fully populated version.

View from below.

Note: The only supported Arduino is the Mega 2560 R3 or compatible.

Constructing it as a dual type programmer

All components must be fitted except for the RS-232 section.

Constructing it as a MCM68764/MCM68766 programmer

I figured it would be easier to just show a picture of this. All fitted components are as specified on the schematic, unless omitted or replaced with a wire link.

SW1 is hard wired in the left hand position.

Constructing it as a 2704/2708 programmer

When constructing as a 2708 programmer, only the following components can be omitted: SW1, J1, U4, D2, C1, C8, C9, C10, C11, R9, R16.

SW1 must be hard wired in the right hand position.


Can be downloaded here.


There are two versions of the gerbers. A “Long” version which has the exact dimensions of an Arduino Mega. Choose this if your PCB house doesn’t charge extra for exceeding 100x100mm dimensions. Total size is 101.5mm x 53.5mm.

The “Short” version has the tab at the end clipped to keep it under 100mm. Total size is 99.95mm x 53.5mm.


Can be downloaded from here (or here – CSV).

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