Repairing a Dell U3011 with a faulty backlight

I paid £1000 for this monster sized screen back in 2010. In 2022 an equivalent replacement is still around £600. I ain’t throwing it away just because it has one tiny little fault.

The most difficult thing about this repair is getting it open. This page is the best guide I found. Don’t watch this YouTube video showing a repair of this screen as that particular technique is very difficult and likely to damage the plastic.

Once you’ve got it open head straight to the power supply and re-flow the joints under the transformers, and for good measure all of the other components carrying power. From a quick bit of research these are a common point of failure. There were 6 visibly broken joints in my unit. If that doesn’t fix it, then you have a different problem 😛

Joints I would recommend re-flowing.
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