Reviews for D.I.Y. LCD Controllers

I’ve put up a couple of reviews for D.I.Y. LCD controllers

RM5451 LCD Controller
RM5451 LCD Controller

R.RM5251 and R.RM5451

And also:


Another controller based on RTD2662 most commonly known as PCB800099

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One thought on “Reviews for D.I.Y. LCD Controllers

  1. HI all, I need some help to try troubleshoot some color issue in RTD 2660 Board (PCB800099) it’s showing inverse video and false colors,as I posted before.
    I’ve ordered a new AT070TN92 7″LCD. Because, in order to pass magnetic field from front to back of the LCD, I have to do a 2 inches hole in the back of the LCD support shield, to fix some hall sensors behind the screen , and may this damaged the LCD, but it seems to see adjustments in the RGB settings .
    Thanks for any cue or reply.
    Cheers : Dorisvaldo

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