Blasted fake CA3080’s AGAIN

To many Intersil’s decision to discontinue the CA3080 in the mid 2000’s was frustrating, given the sheer quantity of vintage equipment which used it.

Whenever this kind of thing happens, the counterfeits soon follow. Surely in 2023 the fakers have given up?


I bought these off eBay, from a reputable UK seller, paid a ‘genuine’ price for it. They almost look genuine, except have 2021 date codes.

For f–k’s sake. Really?

If it looks like the above. It is fake. Do not buy it. A quick scan of eBay finds some with 2018 date codes too. Presumably also fake.

Whatever they are, there is an actual die inside, but do not behave like an amplifier, not one with the CA3080’s pinout at least.

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One thought on “Blasted fake CA3080’s AGAIN

  1. About a year ago, I decided not to buy from China anymore, unless the goods were either certified by the seller (so, if they turn out to be fake, they lose their money again), or handled by my agent there.

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