Through-hole solution for XBee SX modules

I was surprised to find that unlike other XBee products, for SX modules, though-hole isn’t really a thing.

Given that these modules are quite expensive, I was keen to see if I could come up with a through-hole mounting solution which allows me to move modules between boards, and also the XBIB development board.

This is just possible thanks to the second row of pins on the XBIB’s peculiar spring-SMD mounting solution.

My adapter board, fitted to the XBIB development board.
The adapter board mates with the outer row of pins on the XBIB module socket
The underside. The hole is to allow manual soldering to the ground pad on the underside if desired. My name isn’t present on the gerbers/design files released.

The adapter board consists of a single footprint, which can then be dropped onto another PCB:

This allows a different PCB to take an SX module directly, or, for pin headers to be fitted to carry the adapter board.

Note that this red PCB is outside of the scope of this post. I have provided this as a demonstration of what the footprint provided can be used for.

Building it

Other than the PCB, the only thing to source is some 2.0mm headers and sockets. One 8 position and two 13 position connectors are needed for each board.

Harwin M22 is a rare example of these from a well-known connector manufacturer however their series does not feature a 13 position socket, so a 14 position socket would have to be used with one pin pulled out.

Mine were sourced from Toby electronics (UK). Theirs are an unknown likely far eastern manufacturered type sold under their own brand-name. There are no doubt others doing the same on eBay for example.

I’ve also left open the possibility of screwing the adapter down using M2 spacers and screws. Not something I’ve personally bothered with yet however.


I have made the KiCad design files and gerbers available on my github.

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One thought on “Through-hole solution for XBee SX modules

  1. Does this then convert a SMT module into a board compatible pin out of a (TH) model or a Through Hole model?

    I bought a $99 mesh kit that came with 3 xbee 3 SMT (surface mount) modules with very large daughter boards. The pin out on these is not the same as the Through Hole parts.

    I want to install these SMT modules in a product that has headers to add a xbee Through Hole module. Does your board convert this?

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